Marketing Your Blog: 5 Traffic Streams You Are Neglecting Everyday

marketing your blog
“Marketing is in my blood; I heard this sentence from a teenager at a hotel. I stopped that guy immediately to know what was going in his mind. I thought he’d hesitate to talk to me as I was a complete stranger to him but he was completely opposite. I got to know that the teenager came to the hotel to sell a food product. I was amazed to see a teenager selling a product to experienced adults. What’s the reason behind quoting this story? The prime reason is to convey the message of that teenager. He said to me, I’m into marketing since 4 years. My father started this food business when he was 26. He was earning good but his earnings were not enough for us. He was just earning and spending for about 5 years. Although, he was searching for something which could boost his product sales but it was pretty difficult for him to do it. He was not in a condition to hire a marketing expert. Then I came to rescue the business.

The reason that took us this long to succeed was neglecting, yes we were neglecting an outstanding source which could have helped us to sell 50x times more that we did in the previous years. The source was hotel and catering services.”

The above things are not at all related to blogging but I learnt a real life lesson from that guy and I felt that I should share it with my readers too. What we bloggers are missing? We have fresh worth-reading content for our readers but we don’t have readers, right? Sometimes bloggers blame their bad writing skills if they fail to drive readers to their blogs but please answer my question first. How are you supposed to get readers if you have no popularity? How people are going to visit your blog? Believe me, you too can drive thousands of visitors to your blog, all you need is the perfect source.

5 Traffic Streams You Are Neglecting Everyday

I’ve done the motivation part of this article above and now it’s time for the direct implementation part. I’ve already found 5 sources through which you can drive traffic. I’m not sure you are aware of them or not but if you use them then you are more likely to convert your blog into one of the top blogs online.

#1 GrowthHackers.Com

I was aware of this source but I was unaware of its power.  Growth Hackers is a community of marketers where you can curate articles related to marketing. It is a real marketing hub and if you still don’t join it then you’ll miss a lot of traffic. Growth Hackers will not only help you to drive traffic but you can learn a lot from this source as there are a lot of marketers available who share content related to marketing.


You may have heard of, it is a hub of content and social activities related to content marketing. helps me impressively to drive traffic and comments to my blog. If you are a blogger then I’m sure you understand the benefits of blog comments. Blog comments are the sole representative of your blog’s activity and will no doubt help you to increase the number of comments and visitors on your blog.


Social sharing is the important part of your blog marketing campaign, right? I understand how difficult it is to increase social engagement on your blog. Writing quality content is not enough, you need sources to get social shares at the start of your blogging journey. JustRetweet is one of the prime sources to get social shares for your posts. What if you get some traffic along with social shares? 2 hunts with a single bullet, right? You just have to write attractive titles and you’ll surely get hits from this source along with social shares.

#4 TrafficPlanet.Com

The other two sources are forums and this one ( is a marketing related forum. I’ve been active at this forum since 2 months now. This forum can turn into one of your prime traffic sources but you need to be careful. Remember this “professional marketers are not spammers”. Yes, at the initial stages of my blogging journey I always concluded spamming as marketing but spamming has no relation with marketing. The best way to drive traffic from this forum is to use your signature links or by writing guides in the form of threads and link 1-2 related articles but remember don’t spam this forum. is a general forum with a ton of categories, you can share anything related to business, programming and technology without any hesitation along with a link to your site. You’ll surely get good amount of hits from this forum. And the best thing is there is not strict moderation on this forum so you have a good opportunity to drive traffic from this forum.


All the sources I listed above have some rules which you need to follow. If you work in an ethical way then you can convert yourself into a professional marketer. Just move a step ahead and keep finding new sources to promote your business/blog, you’ll surely find a way for your success and remember don’t neglect anything, give it a try instead.


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Siraj Wahid

Siraj Wahid is a young blogger, music freak and an experienced marketing guy interested in learning new marketing tactics. He loves writing guides for newbies. You can follow him on


  1. Siraj,

    Great article man.

    To be honest, referral traffic is the way to go. Social signals from these sites will help you build more traffic. Of course, don’t expect thousands from these sites but they will certainly give a good helping hand.

    Thanks for sharing and appreciate it!

    • Hey Regi,

      Yup, some people start expecting thousands from these sites but if you are a real blogger then you might know how difficult it is to drive traffic. Yes, these sources can drive thousands but not at once, you need to be a active sharer and contributor for this.

      -Siraj Wahid

  2. Hi Siraj
    You pointed very well that one should not leave any promotion option unavailed if he is really an online marketer. This is the big challenge of online marketing we must not sit contented after doing a few efforts. The word sufficient or enough has no limit in this field.
    Out of these five resources I am sure many people are not aware of at least two to three of them. By mentioning them in this post you did a great job.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great Article Siraj!

    A few days ago I listened about from someone and I was just “He Is Lying Dude, no netowrk can drive that insane traffic” but when I myself gave it a try within two days this network just gave me a shock and now I am like in love with it :P

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Ammar,

      Yes, Growth Hackers is no doubt awesome. It’s been driving traffic to thousands of sites, all you need is attractive titles, you’ll surely hack your site’s growth.


  4. Siraj a good, nah! a very good article here… i don’t know about these ever, thanks for this beauty help…I am faiz from India and glad with your way of writing..

  5. Hi Siraj,
    you shared some interesting resources!
    I am familiar with JustRetweet and Kingged, but I’ve never used the others two.

    I am not a big fan of forums, probably I am leaving a big slice of traffic cake on the table.
    I’ve heard the first site you mentioned, but I’ve never used it.
    I guess I am going to register and start interacting at “GrowthHackers ” community.
    Let’s see how it goes.

    Thanks for sharing this post at Klinkk,
    and keep up the great work at this new blog!

    • Hey Erik,

      I would suggest you to join the two forums I’ve listed above and Growth Hackers as well. It will boost your traffic stunningly and if something benefits you why are you neglecting it?

      Thanks for commenting.


  6. Thanks Siraj,

    You have really done an excellent job here; I thought this list would be one of those popular places we all have see and know.

    You’ve done a good job, and if I may ask….how do you come to know about NairaLand? NairaLand is Nigerian number one forum and one of the most traffic website in the world.

    I guess it ranked among the first 1,000 in the world at the moments. I never heard of HackersGrowth, thanks for mention.

    I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks.

    • Hey Shams,

      Well, i’m always curious to find sites which drive traffic and Nairaland is good at it. You’ll find me on every platform where traffic is present.

      Yeah, a lot of people are telling me that they’ve never heard about growth hackers, i’m amazed why people are unaware of this cool platform.


  7. Hi Siraj,

    This was really helpful to me. Of those on your lists I’ve only been on and JustRetweet. Your suggestions look exciting and I’m jumping straight over to get started on a few of them.

    I just recently changed up some of my strategies and I’m very pleased with the new results. Your suggestions can only help. I’m going to check out GrowthHackers for sure!

    I appreciate your post!!!!

    ~ Don Purdum

  8. Hi Siraj,
    Its cool having this list of traffic stream for bloggers. I have been immersed in Kingged and not the others. You are right by noting that we are perhaps missing out on these streams daily for traffic. It becomes important for us to checkout what each has to offer and make the most of them.

    Growthhackers and JustReTweet are communities I would need to checkout. Nairaland is very familiar with me. Thanks for sharing these websites. I guess its time to promote our online business with each of them!

    This post was “kingged” or upvoted in where it was shared for bloggers,social marketers,and online marketers.

  9. Good sources of traffic. I have personally try 3 of these 5 sources of traffic. Not much, but steady traffic and engagement with other bloggers.

  10. I use retweet (which is actually how I found your post!). It is a great way to share connect, and find new awesome content to learn from and also share with others. I have not used the other platforms, although I have heard of Kingged, but from what I understand it is very similar to Triberr which I am a part of.

    • Hey Catherine,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. ummm, as far as Kingged is concerned i don’t think it is similar to triberr. It’s some kind of a blogging community which help bloggers to connect with each other and the best thing is that they have a comment option for bloggers. They pay the top commentators of the week or day (i’m not sure about their paying frequency).


  11. Blogger communities like Indiblogger is also good for traffic. BTW that’s how I reached here!
    Good read!

  12. Hi Siraj,
    I’ve been using Nairaland for a long time now and I must confess it isn’t a bad place to be. As of kingged it’s been a while i started using them and well they are quit handy, I’m kindof alien to the rest on your list and surely I’ll give them a try.
    Thanks for the big share bro.
    Happy Blogging!

  13. Hi Siraj I have not heard of #1, #4 or #5. Those are new ones to me. I have been using Kingged and JustRetweet with some success. Like anything else you have to put some time into them to get results. Kingged seemed to really explode quickly with many bloggers jumping on the bandwagon there. Thanks for sharing these with us!

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